Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT) at BayWayPain - Recognized as Neural Prolotherapy or Lyftogt Perineural Treatment for Pain in Brooklyn, NYC.

What Is BayWayPain's Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT)?

At BayWayPain, we offer Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT), commonly referred to as Neural Prolotherapy or Lyftogt Perineural Treatment. This state-of-the-art regenerative method targets neuropathic pain, which arises from nerve damage due to sports injuries, surgical traumas, or chronic conditions like diabetes. PIT employs dextrose injections to amplify your body’s innate healing and pain-blocking capabilities. By fostering cellular repair and halting pain signal transmission, it ensures profound healing and pain alleviation.

Sports injuries

injury (1)

Surgical injuries


Chronic disease, like diabetes


Neurologic disease, like multiple sclerosis

PIT uses dextrose injections to enhance your natural healing process and pain suppression mechanisms. The dextrose solution promotes cellular regeneration and interrupts the transmission of pain signals, resulting in effective healing and pain relief.

How Does Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT) Work?

Perineural Injection Therapy aims to treat inflamed cutaneous nerves through a series of injections. Dr. Sardar injects a 5% dextrose solution around the area of the painful nerve. He targets a very specific Valleix point; the point where a superficial nerve passes on a resistant surface, making it prone to compression.

How Does BayWayPain's Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT) Achieve Results?

At BayWayPain Clinic, our approach to Perineural Injection Therapy is both precise and impactful, targeting inflamed cutaneous nerves with a series of strategic injections.
Dr. Sardar carefully administers a PH balanced 5% dextrose solution to the region surrounding the affected nerve, pinpointing the critical Valleix point—a location where a superficial
nerve traverses a hard surface, becoming susceptible to compression.


Targeting these exact points will promote biological reactions in and around the nerve to achieve therapeutic effects:

Focusing on these exact areas instigates several beneficial biological responses around the nerve:

  • Vasodilation:The introduction of the dextrose solution broadens your blood vessels, amplifying the blood circulation to the distressed site.
    Enriched with oxygen and vital nutrients, this enhanced blood flow accelerates natural tissue recuperation.
  • Dulling pain receptors:: The analgesic qualities of the 5% dextrose solution diminish pain receptors, silencing pain signals and ensuring relief.
  • Neutralizing spinal pain centers: PIT effectively desensitizes the pain centers in the spine, preventing the relay of pain signals to the brain.When there are no pain signals, there’s no pain felt.

Boosting healing and regeneration: The interaction between the dextrose solution and your body’s connective tissues encourages cellular growth.
This stimulated cell activity promotes tissue regeneration, leading to swift healing and recuperation.

Who Is A Candidate For Perineural Injection Therapy?

Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT) has a high success rate in treating chronic nerve pain from musculoskeletal injuries, inflammatory diseases, and neurologic diseases.

At our pain management clinic in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Sardar uses Perineural Injection Therapy to treat various painful conditions:

  • Ankle pain
  • Chronic low-back pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Wrist pain
  • Joint pain
  • Spine pain
  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain or strain
  • Arthritis pain
  • Carpal tunnel pain
  • All forms of neuropathic pain

PIT is one of the best non-invasive alternatives if you want to avoid surgery and steroids for your pain. You may benefit from neural prolotherapy if you have:

  • Recurrent and chronic pain
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Pain from a ligament injury
  • Painful post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Painful nerves
  • Difficulty moving your joints
  • Using pain meds with no improvement

Who Should Consider Perineural Injection Therapy at BayWayPain?

BayWayPain Clinic in Brooklyn, New York, is at the forefront of alleviating chronic nerve pain arising from musculoskeletal injuries, inflammatory conditions, and neurologic afflictions. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Sardar, Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT) has become a hallmark treatment, offering relief for a spectrum of pain conditions:

  • Persistent ankle discomfort
  • Long-standing low-back issues
  • Elbow distress
  • Wrist ailments
  • General joint discomfort
  • Spinal discomfort
  • Chronic neck strains or pains
  • The burdens of arthritis
  • The woes of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • All manifestations of neuropathic pain
For those keen on bypassing surgical interventions and steroids, BayWayPain’s PIT emerges as a leading non-invasive, drug free like  choice. It could be your path to relief if you identify with:
  • Persistent, recurrent pain episodes
  • Musculoskeletal challenges
  • Ligament-related distress
  • Pain persisting after surgery
  • Afflicted nerves causing discomfort
  • Difficulty moving your joints
  • Using pain meds with no improvement

What Are The Benefits Of Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT)?

Perineural Injections are an entirely non-surgical, drug-free, natural treatment to boost your natural healing mechanism and reduce chronic pain. You can avoid risky surgical procedures or adverse effects from steroid injections and prescription painkillers.

Perineural subcutaneous injections are a reliable therapy to relieve debilitating pain. You can even combine it with conventional treatments and physical therapy to maximize the therapeutic effects and provide effective pain relief.

As such, PIT is quickly gaining popularity among Dr. Sardar’s patients for a few reasons:

Why Choose Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT) at BayWayPain?

At BayWayPain Clinic, Perineural Injection Therapy stands as a beacon for those seeking a non-surgical,medication-free approach to harness their body’s innate healing prowess and mitigate enduring pain. Sidestep the complications of surgeries, the pitfalls of steroid injections, and the side effects of routine pain medications.

PIT’s subcutaneous injections have been a cornerstone in alleviating persistent pain, seamlessly integrating with traditional treatments and physiotherapy for amplified therapeutic outcomes. Here’s why Dr. Sardar’s clientele are increasingly gravitating towards PIT:

As such, PIT is quickly gaining popularity among Dr. Sardar’s patients for a few reasons:
  • Enhanced blood flow promotion
  • Effective nerve pain blockage
  • Minimal to non-existent side effects
  • Joint stabilization post pain alleviation
  • Marked decrease in neuropathic discomfort
  • Relief from musculoskeletal pain challenges
  • Absence of incisions, ensuring no scarring
  • Zero downtime post-treatment.

Improvement in blood circulation


Blockage of pain sensation from the nerves


Little to no reported adverse effects


Stabilization of joints after achieving improvements in pain levels


Significant reduction in neuropathic pain


Alleviation of musculoskeletal pain

no-scars (1)

No incisions or scars


No recovery period


Enhanced blood flow promotion


Effective nerve pain blockage


Minimal to non-existent side effects


Joint stabilization post pain alleviation


Marked decrease in neuropathic discomfort


Relief from musculoskeletal pain challenges

no-scars (1)

Absence of incisions, ensuring no scarring


Zero downtime post-treatment.

How Is Perineural Injection Therapy Performed?

A PIT session takes very little time to perform. Once Dr. Sardar locates and examines the injured cutaneous nerve, he preps your skin with a disinfectant.

He will use a small needle to administer the 5% dextrose solution in between your muscle and the deepest layer of your skin. The injection should elicit quick pain relief in and around your nerve.

You may feel slight discomfort, bruising, and redness in the treated area. This is entirely normal and will resolve in a few days. You may have around 5 to 8 PIT sessions, depending on the extent of your condition and your body’s response to treatment.

How is the Perineural Injection Therapy Conducted at BayWayPain?

At BayWayPain, the PIT process is concise yet impactful. Dr. Sardar, after pinpointing and assessing the affected cutaneous nerve, ensures the skin is thoroughly disinfected.

Utilizing a fine needle, he introduces a 5% dextrose solution between the muscle and the skin’s innermost layer. This injection often results in immediate relief around the targeted nerve.

While a mild sensation, some bruising, or redness might be evident post-procedure, it’s typically transient, fading within a few days. Depending on your specific ailment and response, around 5 to 8 PIT sessions might be required.

Recovery After Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT)

Outcomes of perineural injections differ in individual patients. You may start to feel pain relief a few minutes after your shot. Most times, the relief from the first injection only lasts a short period.

But with consistent PIT sessions, PIT can significantly reduce the intensity of the pain with every injection.

You may experience some mild bruising, redness, and numbness in the area, but these symptoms will subside within a few days. These are natural responses of your body when recovering. You can easily remedy these using an ice pack for a few minutes.

There are no restrictions after a PIT session. You’re free to go back to work or continue your daily routine. However, it’s best to avoid exercises and activities that can stress the newly treated area.

Post-Perineural Injection Therapy Recovery at BayWayPain

Results vary for each individual. Some patients experience a swift alleviation of pain, which initially might be brief. However, with successive PIT sessions, there’s a marked reduction in pain intensity with each treatment.

Temporary symptoms like slight bruising or numbness are normal healing indicators. These can be alleviated by applying an ice pack briefly.

After undergoing PIT, you can resume work or daily activities. Still, it’s advisable to refrain from rigorous activities that might strain the treated region.

Where Can I Get Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT)?

Dr. Henry Sardar, one of the leading pain management specialists in New York, offers Perineural Injection Therapy in his Brooklyn pain clinic. He is inviting all of his patients to experience the therapeutic effects of PIT first-hand.

PIT is a revolutionary approach to effectively relieving various neuropathic and musculoskeletal disorders.

Perineural subcutaneous injections help you lead a pain-free life – no surgery, no steroids, no medications.

Since Dr. Sardar believes in this treatment, he wants you to experience the effective, long-lasting pain relief that PIT brings, regardless of what your insurance covers.

Contact us at PainTherapy Medical Care, New York’s best pain management clinic, and book your session with Dr. Sardar today!

At other services at our Brooklyn pain clinic, we accept most major insurance providers: New York State Medicaid, HealthFirst, Fidelis Care, Affinity Group, Metro Plus, Amerigroup, BlueCross / BlueShield Medicaid Plan, and United Health Care Community Plan.

Experience Perineural Injection Therapy at BayWayPain

Dr. Henry Sardar, a renowned pain management expert in Brooklyn, proudly offers PIT at BayWayPain Clinic. He encourages patients to embrace the transformative benefits of this therapy.

PIT stands as a pioneering solution for various neuropathic and musculoskeletal issues. With perineural subcutaneous injections, envision a life devoid of pain – without surgeries, steroids, or medications.

Dr. Sardar’s faith in this treatment is unwavering, and he’s eager for you to witness the profound, enduring relief that PIT delivers, independent of insurance constraints.

Reach out to BayWayPain, Brooklyn’s premier pain management facility, and schedule your consultation with Dr. Sardar.

We proudly accept a broad spectrum of major insurance providers at our clinic, including New York State Medicaid, HealthFirst, Fidelis Care,

Affinity Group, Metro Plus, Amerigroup, BlueCross / BlueShield Medicaid Plan, and United Health Care Community Plan.

We Accept Most Insurances

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