BayWayPain Presents: PRP Therapy - The Forefront of Regenerative Pain Management

RP Therapy at BayWayPain: What Is It?

At BayWayPain, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, also known as “autologous conditioned plasma,” is the pinnacle of regenerative medicine. This cutting-edge therapy uses your own blood constituents to speed up your body’s natural healing, invigorate regeneration, and relieve pain.

PRP combines two critical components of your blood:

  • Plasma: Your blood’s liquid matrix, is rich in clotting agents, proteins, and therapeutic ingredients.
  • Platelets: A kind of blood cell known for its extraordinary clotting and healing abilities.
PRP, because of its high platelet concentration, delivers proteins and growth factors that are essential for relieving pain and reducing inflammation. PRP treatment has established itself as a natural pain relief and regeneration technique in orthopedics, sports medicine, dermatology, and cosmetics. It exemplifies a less intrusive method for naturally enhancing healing and cellular regeneration.

Looking for an alternative to surgery and a break from prescription pain medications? PRP seems to be a potential choice. Dr. Sardar is pleased to announce the availability of PRP at our BayWayPain clinic in Brooklyn. Discover the transformational power of PRP therapy, regardless of your insurance coverage!

The PRP Therapy Mechanics at BayWayPain

Dr. Sardar precisely injects platelet-rich plasma into your pain epicenter, stimulating cellular resurrection and tissue repair. This strong platelet ensemble boosts your body’s regenerative systems, promoting faster recovery.
The selective application of PRP to painful regions causes the following physiological responses:
  • Fibronectin Deficiency: Fibronectin, which is necessary for wound healing, is often deficient in chronic pain patients. PRP injection supplies this critical component, allowing for faster tissue healing.
  • Growth Factor Release: PRP stimulates cellular renewal, natural healing, and pain relief by releasing growth factors.
PRP injections stimulate the formation of endothelial cells and fibroblasts, which are essential for inflammation reduction, coagulation control, and circulatory regulation.
  • Tissue Revitalization: PRP energizes your cells, stimulating regeneration and hastening tissue healing. It also stimulates growth in the cells that support bone regeneration and rebuilding.
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy For Pain

Which Conditions Can BayWayPain's PRP Therapy Treat?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, promoted by BayWayPain, is one of the most successful natural regeneration therapies for sports injuries, wear-and-tear damages, musculoskeletal discomforts, and a variety of other chronic conditions.
Dr. Henry Sardar of BayWayPain in Brooklyn uses the potential of PRP treatment to treat a wide range of painful problems, including:
  • Strains in the hamstrings
  • Joint ailment
  • Muscle deterioration
  • Tissue rupture
  • Elbow strain from tennis
  • Bursitis
  • Bone deterioration
  • Problems with the rotator cuff
  • Degeneration of the joints
  • Knee inflammation
  • Discomfort in the neck
  • Achilles problems
  • Back pain
  • Inflammation of the heel
Dr. Sardar’s PRP therapies are gaining acceptance in New York’s sporting world. They have been shown to be effective in accelerating the repair of muscles, ligaments, and tendons, particularly when usual therapies fail. Furthermore, PRP treatment has been shown to improve post-surgical recovery rates.
Many professional athletes credit their quick injury healing to the miracles of PRP.
If you suffer from chronic pain or any of the aforementioned diseases, PRP treatment at BayWayPain guarantees immediate and long-term relief. PRP treatment might be ideal for you if:
  • Chronic muscular and joint pain has been a constant source of discomfort.
  • You are recovering after an orthopedic, joint, or spinal operation.
  • Your objective is to avoid surgical procedures, steroid injections, and medication.
  • Your wish list includes a natural boost in tissue regeneration.
  • Organic healing treatment is in line with your health goals.
  • Your first objective is to recover quickly and painlessly.
Dr. Henry Sardar offers an invitation to people who share similar feelings to experience the miraculous Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy right here in Brooklyn.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule a consultation with Brooklyn’s leading pain management specialist.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy For Pain

How Can Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Help You at BayWayPain?

Discover the therapeutic benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy at BayWayPain in Brooklyn, New York!
Dr. Henry Sardar cordially welcomes you to experience the benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for yourself. His use of PRP treatment has resulted in exceptional success in treating a wide range of chronic diseases in a large number of patients. It is now your opportunity to gain its amazing advantages, regardless of your insurance coverage.
Most insurance plans are accepted at our Brooklyn-based BayWayPain clinic for our wide variety of treatments. New York State Medicaid, HealthFirst, Fidelis Care, Affinity Group, Metro Plus, Amerigroup, BlueCross / BlueShield Medicaid Plan, and UnitedHealthcare Community Plan are examples of such plans.
Join us at BayWayPain and book your appointment now at one of Brooklyn’s finest pain treatment centers.

How Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Done?

Dr. Henry Sardar will extract a sample of your blood and run it through a centrifuge to separate its components. 

From the sample, he takes the portion containing your white blood cells and platelets to use for your PRP injection. He injects the activated platelets directly into the injured tissue.  The entire procedure is not painful at all and does not require any anesthesia. After a short monitoring period, you’re free to resume your usual activities.

Recovery After Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy has no known adverse effects or risks. 

However, we recommend allowing some time for your body to heal. Try to avoid strenuous activities that can strain the treated area. 

Unlike surgical procedures and other invasive pain treatments, platelet-rich plasma therapy doesn’t require any recovery period. You can continue your daily routine almost immediately after your session. You may even feel more energized than before.

How Can I Access Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy?

You can try out Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy right here at our pain therapy clinic in Brooklyn, New York! Dr. Henry Sardar is offering you the opportunity to test Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for yourself. His PRP treatment has been widely successful in treating many of his patients with various chronic conditions. Now, he wants you to experience the wonderful benefits, regardless of your insurance coverage. We recognize most insurance providers for other services at our Brooklyn pain management clinic, including New York State Medicaid, HealthFirst, Fidelis Care, Affinity Group, Metro Plus, Amerigroup, BlueCross / BlueShield Medicaid Plan, and UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. Visit us at BayWayPain Medical Care and book your appointment today in New York’s top pain therapy clinic.

We Accept Most Insurances

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